Passive houses

Initially from Germany and now present throughout the world, “PassiveHaus” standard is currently the most stringent and rigorous in the world. It applies simple principles of the building that, well orchestrated together, give an impressive result on comfort and energy use in your home.

The cheapest energy is the energy that can be saved, it is the basic principle on which rests the norm. By combining a compact, superior insulation architecture, a super-tight envelope, high quality windows oriented to capture solar energy, principles of mechanical ventilation ultra-efficient, and a set of other measures, the passive solar house is an example of engineering that is worth to be applied.

The comfort of these homes is higher, the quality of indoor air and the remarkable soundproofing, and of course, your energy bill will be reduced by 75% to 90%!
Many designs are available, once the basic principles respected, you are free of your architectural choices

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